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Gallus provides technical and business consultation services to poultry hatchery and poultry farm owners and managers.  Gallus is independent of any affiliations that could bias our observations or recommendations.   We assess and advise on methods on practice and procedure to obtain optimum performance.  


We pride ourselves with our outstanding reputation for integrity, knowledge and successful results. Our expertise is founded upon 17 years experience and insight, of being involved in every level of poultry production.


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Product development is one of our passions...  we are always on the lookout for new innovations and ideas that will aid in the  efficient and accurate monitoring of equipment.  In hatcheries, quality AND quantity are of the utmost importance, hence it is vital that potential problems with regard to machinery and equipment are identified quickly.   We believe our specialised equipment helps hatcheries become pro-active rather than re-active, identifying a risk or problem area, so that it can be addressed before it costs an entire hatch or setter failure.    Our Solanoid Sentry is our flagship product.   For more        

information follow through to our products page.

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